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LBG offers legal advice and representation to his clients before Civil, Administrative, Labor and Commercial Courts in the Republic of Panama.  We have a wide experience in Malpractice procedures with satisfactory closure and succesful results for our clients. 
Aso we assist our clients in negotiations seeking to resolve disputes to avoid court proceedings. 

We have an efficient Collection Department to handle difficult and high risk debt collections.

Contact attorneys:
Minerva Bultrón - bultron@lbg-law.com 
Monna M. de la Guardia - mm@lbg-law.com

Fiscal Law

LBG has a team of lawyers and accountants with analytical capacity to handle our clients tax matters.  We offer advice as to Panama tax law. 
We represent clients in administrative procedures before tax authorities and coercive jurisdiction.

Contact attorney:
Minerva Bultrón - bultron@lbg-law.com 

Labor Law

We offer legal advice in this area, labor contracts, internal regulations and judicial procedures. 


Business Law

We offer continous legal advice to our regular clients, specially in the area of contracts, negotiable instruments and general business administration.  

These services are combined with the creation of Companies, Panamanian Private Interest Foundations, Permit Operations, Municipal authorizations and others. 

We also coordinate the obtainment of health registrations, industrial protection, trademarks , patents and registration of copyrights.

Environmental Law

Increasing attention to the environment issue is more than ever important  in all activities to be conducted.  We are qualified to render advice in the filing of environmental study of any kind.  We have specialized professionals in this area, ensuring legal and technical compliance.   

We coordinate all the process from the drafting of the study to its filing and final approval before the pertinent authorities.

Real State Law

LBG has a broad expertise in the construction and real estate development area, which includes sales agreement, lease contracts, approvals and the organization of residencial developments and horizontal property system. 
Our office has worked with construction companies and developers in risk management during the approval and construction process of their projects, ensuring compliance of the land regulations presently in force in the Republic of Panama.   

Contact attorney:
Monna M. de la Guardia - mm@lbg-law.com

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