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LBG is one of the top law firms dedicated to the processing and obtainment of corporate visas and work permits, presently representing multinational well-established companies who have entrusted to us the relocation of their  executives to our country. The legal discipline of our team has been essential to guarantee a successful outcome complying with all the existing legal provisions in Panama.
The transfer of executives and their family from one country to another entails experience, knowledge and customized service.   We certainly understand the importance of correctly conducting this transition smoothly to ensure it to be a simple path, side by side with the client during the whole process, available at all times to resolve any unforeseen situation.
For more than 10 years LBG has been primarily devoted to Immigration Law, keeping his personnel fully updated as to all legal provisions relating to the obtainment of visa and work permits. 


Permanent Residency as Technician or Expert, Trusted Personnel or Manager:

This visa is granted initially for a period of two (2) years to the foreigner who comes to Panama to render services as a technician or expert, supervising personnel or representing the company.   When renewed this visa will grant the foreigner permanent residence and a work permit for one (1) year under a quota.  

Permanent Residency within the 10% quota:
This residency is granted initially for two years to those workers with managing positions within the Company, who are not technicians or managers and it is subject to quota (space availability in the company’s payroll).  At the renewal of this Visa the holder will be granted a permanent residency and an annual work permit under the pertinent quota.
Temporary Special Visitor’s Visa:
This visa is granted to those foreigners hired as executives of international companies to work in Panama with a minimum monthly salary of US$1,000.00, paid from abroad, whose duties are performed and have effect outside of Panama.  It is issued for one (1) year, renewable for successive periods of one (1) year each.  It includes their dependent family and the salary earned is exempted from the payment of income tax in Panama.  
Permanent Residency as a Professional
This Residency is initially granted for two (2) years to those executives having a University Diploma of a  profession not restricted for foreigners in Panama.  When renewed they will be granted a permanent residency and an annual work permit, free of quota.

Special Visas

The following new visas were created based on existing rulings and the approval of new special laws to promote foreign investment: 

Multinational Companies Headquarters

Enacted at the end of August 2007, the purpose of this law is to encourage the establishment in Panama of multinational companies headquarters that can offer their services to other companies located outside our country but which are part of their business group and/or certain services to clients abroad.  It offers fiscal benefits and a special permanent visa regime of up to five (5) year (without the need of a work permit).      

Our firm provides the following:  

  • Legal advice and filing of petition to obtain a Multinational Companies Headquarters License.
  • Visas for executives.
  • Legal advice on visas and work permits for dependents.
  • Advice regarding tax matters.

Permanent Residency for Specific Countries:
This Residency is granted to executives of a determined nationality and once approved it is given by means of one process.  It is a Residency that does not require renewal and upon its approval an indefinite work permit can be requested.

Permanent Residency Agreement Panamá-Italy:
This Residency is granted to nationals of Italy and it is approved by means of one process. It is a Residency that does not require renewal and upon its approval an indefinite work permit can be requested.

Free Zone Visas:
The Free Zone has 10% and 15% general visas, granted through special procedures conducted before the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Immigration.  Call Centers qualify for this type of Visa.

Special Economic Area Panamá-Pacífico:
The former airforce base of Howard has been transformed into a special tax exempted area for companies therein established.  The process in this area is more expeditious because it has a special immigration regime which allows to have Immigration and Labor Offices located within the area, authorized to issue visas for periods of three (3) to five (5) years, depending on the category of the visa. 

City of Knowledge:
This is another special area created in the former Fort Clayton Army Base, having a tax benefit together with a special immigration regime.  It has been structured in accordance to an Agreement entered into by and between the Government of the Republic of Panama and the Foundation of the City of Knowledge to draw the attention of universities, scientific investigation centers, technology and cultural transfers in productive activities, higher education and training center. 

Film Productions:
In July 2007 came into effect the law promoting the production of films in Panama, which is governed by a special immigration regime for the companies and individuals coming to Panama to perform this activity. 



Immigrants are those foreigners who voluntarily decide to establish their domicile in the Republic of Panama, complying with the requirements provided by law, among them, the following: 

Investor Immigrant Visa:
It is granted to those foreigners who bring to Panama their own funds to invest in commercial, financial or industrial activities, that by law are not limited only to Panamanian nationals. 
Immigrant Visa as the Spouse of a Panamanian National: 
The foreigners who marry a Panamanian national can request an Immigrant Visa.  This visa is granted for a provisional period of one (1) year and when expired the definite permanent visa is issued.  Three (3) years after the issuance of the definite permanent visa the holder can apply for Panamanian citizenship. 


In addition to the visas herein before mentioned, which are the most known visas, Immigration also grants the following:

  • Tourist
  • Transients
  • In Transit Travellor’s Visa
  • Tourist Pensioner Visa
  • Temporary Resident Visa

The Tourist Pensioner Visa offers to the resident in Panama certain tax exemptions and benefits when transferring to Panama his luggage and household items.

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