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Permanent Residency as Technician or Expert, Trusted Personnel or Manager:

This visa is granted initially for a period of two (2) years to the foreigner who comes to Panama to render services as a technician or expert, supervising personnel or representing the company.   When renewed this visa will grant the foreigner permanent residence and a work permit for one (1) year under a quota.  

Permanent Residency within the 10% quota:
This residency is granted initially for two years to those workers with managing positions within the Company, who are not technicians or managers and it is subject to quota (space availability in the company’s payroll).  At the renewal of this Visa the holder will be granted a permanent residency and an annual work permit under the pertinent quota.
Temporary Special Visitor’s Visa:
This visa is granted to those foreigners hired as executives of international companies to work in Panama with a minimum monthly salary of US$1,000.00, paid from abroad, whose duties are performed and have effect outside of Panama.  It is issued for one (1) year, renewable for successive periods of one (1) year each.  It includes their dependent family and the salary earned is exempted from the payment of income tax in Panama.  
Permanent Residency as a Professional
This Residency is initially granted for two (2) years to those executives having a University Diploma of a  profession not restricted for foreigners in Panama.  When renewed they will be granted a permanent residency and an annual work permit, free of quota.

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